Welcome back, we hope everyone had an amazing Australia Day! it was so lovely to see all new friends joining us this morning for breakfast. You all did an amazing job coming to Aqua today. It is difficult to start in a new room but, you were all so brave.  Each day will get easier as we all get to know one another.

What a super surprise we got when the bin truck pulled up outside and we could see him emptying our bins. The children were so excited, and the truck driver waved at us.

Nicolas and Amelia started the morning of cooking and minding the dolls in the home corner.

Outside we had a small group around the Lego table. They enjoyed building tall towers and many other objects together.

At morning teatime, we all went and washed our hands so we could enjoy some yummy snails.

Tilly and Eliza enjoyed some time drawing pictures and got creative.

A small group laughed in the sandpit together as their feet disappeared.

Some of the children enjoyed transporting the cars around the area.

Claire, Molly, Isla and Remi enjoyed some time exploring the books.

Group time came and we all sat on the mat in 3 different groups, we are singing our hello song and getting to know all our new friends. After group times we went to learning centre time.

With Donna we are starting to grow many different veg. We spoke about how we have grown and that is why we have moved to Aqua. The children will have the opportunity to grow their veg. they will water them daily till some seeds sprout.

With Nelson outside the children used large gross motor skills and completed the obstacle course. They really enjoyed crawling over every object.

We used fine motor skills to paint and cut with the scissors.

What a fun filled day we had.

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