Today has been very rainy so the children have done a lot of indoor play.

To start the morning some of our new friends joined Ekta, Helena and Bambi in some dancing. They listened to many songs and moved their bodies to the rhythm and beat. The children love to dance and what a great way to release all that energy. Dance is a great way to develop many areas, especially to inspire creativity.

Eliz, Annabel and Jake enjoyed exploring the puzzles. she used fine motor skills and cognitive skills to fix the pieces together.

Remi also enjoyed sometime with the abacus and moved the balls from one side to the other. When the educator encouraged her to count with them, she could count to 3 with her. She got a bit shy then.

When the rain did stop Nicolas had some time in the sand pit area. He enjoyed transferring the cars around the pit. Pasca had fun exploring the small cars and loved driving them over the bridge.

The children then joined some educators for story them. They enjoyed singing and stories when looking at the pictures.

After group time we had learning centre time. We painted on Kangaroo shapes using sticks from the garden and brown paint. The children loved the sticks to paint with.

With Bambi a small group made the biggest city roads with the large blocks. They made tunnels and pushed the cars under them.

With Helena the children also got highly creative using leaves to make prints on the paper.

A small group had fun at the playdough table, they used many tools and manipulated them to cut, roll or make shapes with the dough.

Tilly had a lovely time being creative at the crayon table. She pointed at the mark she made and said Donna to her educator.

With Donna some of our new friends joined her in the book corner for some quite time with her bag of books.

A big shout out to our new friends, they are already settling well into the room.

Have a wonderful Thursday evening.

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