It’s Thursday! We had a wonderful day with our friends and educators.

We started our morning with group time as always. Because Australia Day is coming next week, we listened to the stories called ‘We’re Australian’. The story was about the ethnic diversity of Australia. We also discussed the diversity of our group, including where our parents came from. Group time is always great opportunities to have a meaningful conversation with our friends and educators!!


After group time is the learning centre time. In the veranda, we explored Aboriginal art and the patterns used. Veronique drew a very beautiful river with the reference of a picture book.


In another table, we expressed our interest in Aboriginal patterns. We enjoyed creating patterns using natural materials. Julia commented, “This is a river. And there is lots of water.”.


In the yard, we used sand to create art. The contrast of the sand and the blue sand was reminiscent of the ocean. We also enjoyed the feel of the sand!


Of course, we didn’t forget to enjoy water play! We loved to put our hands to cold water and washed toys.



In the afternoon, we were so excited to play in the teepee. Edward, Imri and Jeffrey had a so much fun sneaking into a teepee. They were spending a peaceful afternoon together.


Archie and Viraj found that the beans had grown a lot again. So, we decided to harvest and give them to the guinea pig. You two have a wonderful eye.


Ava had become a carpenter and was fixing the kitchen. Thank you, Ava!


It was a fun day. See you tomorrow!

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