It’s Monday! Welcome back to a new week in the Crimson room. To all our new friends and families who are not Aqua explores anymore, welcome to Crimson! We are delighted to call you now ‘Crimson friends’. Also, we are happy to see you all settling well in the new room and having a wonderful time.

We have a favour to ask of all new families. Please bring a family photo as we are making a family tree on the wall next to lockers. Also, please make sure your child has a variety of clothes (including underwear) in their bag in case they need a change of clothes. Thank you for your cooperation.


As always, we started our morning with group time. We had great fun singing various songs together and did actions!

During group time, Aidan showed his toy snake. Even it was a toy, it looked very real! We enjoyed listening to his explanation about the snake.


After, we were busy exploring the environment as there were lots of interesting activities.

We always love construction.

In the block corner, Evan, Veronique, Alanna, and Ryan collaboratively building something. Guess what they were building? They used their unlimited imagination and creativity to create a Space ship! They used various shapes of blocks to make it higher and higher to reach the moon.


Daniel and Belian sat together and sharing Lego blocks. Daniel connected blocks long and commented “Look. I made it so long!”


On the table, we painted a piece of paper in the shape of Australia blue. It was a big piece of paper so there were lots of areas to paint. But we all worked together to get it done! Once the paint is dry, we will be adding some Australian animals and iconic buildings.

Thank you for a fun Monday. See you tomorrow!


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