It’s the first day of February! We were very happy because the weather was super nice compared to the weekend when it was not so nice. We had fun playing and learning with our friends!


We were divided into 4 groups today. Just like last year, one group went to 59.

In the 59, we’ve been busy exploring our new environment. We loved to play with the ball and cross the balance beam. But what we liked the most was the castle. We played as the characters in the story in the castle. Everyone wanted to be a Princess and a Prince, so we took the turns.


In the yard, we made green playdough. We measured, added and mixed all the ingredients together. It turned out very smooth and pleasant to the touch!!! While playing with playdough, Isabelle and Laura said they were making Hot dog. Lily said she was making Bracelet, Emily said she was making Pizza.

In the sandpit, great creations were being made. Thomas, Aidan and Joshan were working together to build something. When they were asked what they were making, Thomas proudly answered: “We are making a house for dinosaurs!”.  Great teamwork boys!

Later, best friends Daniel and Ryan were together building something. Ryan explained, “This is a house for dinosaurs. So they can sleep inside.”. Oh, no doubt all the dinosaurs were grateful for the work you guys did!!



This afternoon was different from usual! We joined a trial for a new extra program. It is called “Fit & Funky Kids” and it offers dance, sport and yoga classes. Ms Sarah and Ms Paula brought lots of interesting things to share with us. We had fun with parachuting and dancing!!


Nicky found a strawberry. Yummy!


Such a funday! See you tomorrow!!

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