Today at Aqua we had such a fun rainy day. We had to spend most of the day exploring inside but we had lots to do and had fun while doing it.

Some of the children started the morning off with mat time exploring the small cars. They pushed them around the track, and it was so nice to see new friends (Pascha) interact with old friends (Levi), they shared so nicely and gave each other a smile while doing so.

Isabel enjoyed exploring the farm animals. She used a little man as her famer and Donna could here talking to the pig. ‘’food piggy’’ she said.

The puppets were very popular today, a small group enjoyed putting them on their hands and we sang the song ‘’Galump went the little green frog’’ while Henry put him on his hand.

Learning centre time, we sat and welcomed everyone to school. Saying each other’s name helps us get to know new and old peers.

We split into small groups and we explored many different activities.

We mixed yellow, green, and blue in shaving foam. It was amazing to see all the colours come together. Some of the children put the foam onto paper then getting very creative and messy😊 we love sensory exploration.

With Donna the children looked to see if any of their seeds had started to germinate. What a new big word for us to learn 😊 We gave them some water today as we know that helps us grow, so it will help our seeds. We cannot wait to see some seeds sprout.

With Bambi a small group made a puzzle with her. They worked as a team to complete it.

Carolina’s group started to use some pipe cleaner to thread into different shapes.

We also used fine motor skills to cut the dough today and it was so amazing to see how clever Alegria was when figuring out how to cut it. She held her scissors well turned her hand to the side and made small slits in the dough.

What a fun rain Friday. We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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