Sometimes it is hard to believe how quickly a month goes. We already in the month of February and the children are starting to really settle into their new routine.

Quinn and Amelia started the morning off looking after the babies. Amelia made a bed on the ground for her doll and patted her to sleep, while Quinn used the cot. She put a blanket over it and rocked the doll asleep. While playing they interacted with the teacher Trish.

Elizabeth enjoyed some time making the puzzles using her cognitive skills to complete it. She sat for at least 10 mins. After patting her doll Amelia also gave the puzzles a go.

A small crowed gathered with Liza in the story corner and sat and listened to some of Liza lovely stories from her bag. They really enjoyed their time chilling here.

Henry enjoyed a story with Natasha, they read together and looked at the pictures.

Thomas also enjoyed time with puzzles.

Group time then and we sat in 3 different groups, we sang songs with Donna and got to use her props which we were super excited about. We sang Old Mc Donald and % little monkeys sitting on a wall.

After we went into small groups and did some activities.

Donna, Isaac and Joey made the tallest tower over our heads it was. The children enjoyed this activity and spent 20 mins building it and then when it got too high and toppled over they laughed so much.

With Lisa, to extend on a book she read in the morning, some of the children spoke about going on a plane on holidays so they got to design and create their own pretty plane.

Play dough table was a hit as always. We made many shapes using our hands today.

Some of the children got creative and drew a picture with Natasha.

Outside the children played the traffic lights game with Nelson, when they saw the red cone they had to stop, Green and we ran and Orange and we slowed down.

What a fun day we had.

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