Its been a busy day for everyone but nevertheless children had a great time engaging in different activities throughout the day.

Again, we are very happy to welcome the younger children as well as the families who are transitioning to Crimson from Aqua. And in saying that, we know that period is critical as they begin to be part of a new environment that’s why we try to be consistent with the educators as well as the group to help them settle smoothly. From Monday, the younger group have started using the other space in #59 from 9:30-2:00pm and we have Sony and Rosanna to guide and them through day. Meanwhile, we have Alejandra helping us settling the younger children as well as the permanent team members such as Gail, Amol, Katherine, Arturo and Anne.

After morning tea, the other half of Crimson went on with different educators doing smaller group activities. Alejandra and Anne had spent first half of the morning indoors organizing activities such as playdough making that encourages fine motor skills, language, numeracy and literacy. Children had a great time helping Alejandra measuring the ingredients and also in achieving the right consistency of the dough. They had fun kneading the though and had extended the activity to the outdoors wherein children used natural materials such as sticks and leaves to add on to their playdough.

Alannah, Emily, Ava and Lily happily engaged in painting activity expressing their thoughts about their family and about rainbows. On other hand, Thomas was so engaged in building and creating structures using colourful connecting toys.

On the deck where it’s equally busy, Gail had set up beautiful experiences based on the discussion she had with the children during group time. They have been exploring Australia Day and continued with this looking at Australian insects and spiders. They have been making spiders and bugs to hang on a web and continue sharing, and extending their knowledge looking at information books. An interest table was set-up for children to look closely at a variety of insects using the magnifying glasses, and match these to the bug book.

Children have also engaged in diggers and construction, enjoying maneuvering the crane around to pick up loads of stones or sticks.

Arturo and Katherine took another group outdoors and the children had great fun exploring the area. The space was quite wet from the rain last night and have decided to go around and investigate things such as sand on the flower box, the leaves on the table and more. The group suggested to make a collage out of the materials they have collected and afterwards engaged with some prewriting activities and also literacy exercises with the educators.

The younger children also enjoyed engaging in physical activities that Sony and Rosanna had set up. They practiced ball shooting and balancing on the beams whilst others preferred to sit on the table and practice their cutting skills. As they move around children have chosen to do self-directed plays such as building using magnetic shapes, creative drawing and dramatic play. Our younger friends also enjoyed group times where they chose books that Sony and Rosanna had read for them.

Elliot also was happy spending some time with other children and educators in Aqua. He was enjoying cruising around the space with his little friends. Amol has also been very helpful with his toilet training.

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