Hope everyone had an exciting day as the children did in Burns Bay Cottage. We also welcome Tima back from her holiday and children were excited to see her!

As we try to stick with our routine for consistency, the children and educators had utilised the spaces and rotate around so everyone gets a chance to experience the outdoors, deck and the indoor space.

Sony and Rosanna again took the younger ones with them as this is the third day, they are starting to become more familiar with it and have been settling in pretty well. They have started off with some physical exercises such as ball kicking, shooting and balancing and everyone was happily playing with friends whom they are very familiar with. Then some of the children preferred to do quiet reading in the little library whilst other were busy cooking, drawing and building.

Alejandra brought her children to practice their numeracy skills using numbers and tree wherein they encouraged to match, count and recognize them. Others took some time to do independent play as they make use of toys such as connectors and magnetic blocks and shapes to build different structures.

Gail’s group has been occupied with the world of bugs. They have continued to paint and draw bugs, looking at insects that camouflage. They have used the sensory trays with bug egg containers and eggs, (water beads). They enjoyed filling and shaking the containers, learning to handle the eggs (beads) gently. They have also used their scissor skills cutting around a variety of spiders and insects.

Today they have also enjoyed connecting the stickle bricks and exploring the outdoor playground, climbing on the ropes and dome.

Tima and Katherine had organized beautiful activities in the yard too such as painting, cutting and also some building and construction experiences. Children were busy engaging in different experiences whilst Tima and Katherine were simultaneously interacting with children in smaller groups.

It’s also Amariah’s last day at BBC and we are sad to see her go but excited for her that she’s moving on to kindy. We will miss her and her family very much and wish them all the best!

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