Happy Tuesday! The children have had a terrific day with fun arts and crafts and learning opportunities 😊

Our lovely group times allow the children to listen, learn and join in with conversations and reading. The children love listening to stories on the felt board with visual aids – it’s a great way to enhance understanding and vocabulary!

We had so much fun doing yoga today! It’s so much fun to move our bodies with big movements that promote physical development. The children are having fun making animal poses with their bodies too – today we focused on cow, frog, dolphin and butterfly!

It’s Chinese New Year on Friday and the children are enjoying learning all about it with our educators. Today we continued decorating cherry blossoms but also painted traditional Chinese fans – What fun!

We also learnt about the Year of the Ox, by painting one of course!

Australian animals have been a popular topic recently and today the children enjoyed matching coloured animals with their pictures – Well done everyone!

What a great day full of learning and exploration 😊

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