Hi Crimson families,

Our children went busy today engaging in a lot of activities both indoor and outdoor.

Our younger children had a great fun spending their day doing some creative arts as an extension of their previous discussion about Chinese new year. They also did listen to
Chinese songs they learnt previously and practiced writing Chinese characters and extended the farm animals experience they began yesterday. Also, children enjoyed participating in yoga that Sony organize din the morning in our outdoor area.

Elliot also had a good time exploring different resources set up on the deck. He went and found some blocks and colorful human shape toys that he explored before he left and spend some time walking around the yard.

Meanwhile, Arturo had extended Nicholas’ interest on writing his name. the group spent some time developing their literacy and numeracy skills by practicing writing the letters of their names on small post it notes. They then stuck them on the table and Arturo helped them to recognize each letter and count how many letters are there on their names. Some needed help but children were very keen on learning to write their names.

Shoko’s group had also spent some time engaging in some literacy and fine motor experiences. Children were encouraged to find the card of the first letter of their names and then later on practiced on writing them on the paper. Children also had fun fishing some sea animals and name them.

Gail’s group of children on the other hand had extended their learning about the Waitangi celebration and also have engaged with some investigation of insects on how they look like using magnifying glasses. Children also were busy pretending to do some planting in the yard.


Have a lovely afternoon!

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