It’s Thursday! We were blessed with warm sunshine and the children had a day full of fun and learning.


As usual morning, children were divided into 4 groups. Today’s learning centre time was filled with the spirit of Chinese New Year.

Gail invited children to create a greeting card for Chinese New Year. Children enjoyed the contrast of red and gold colours. It was also a good opportunity to get to know Chinese characters.


Shoko also introduced Chinese character. Because it is the year of Ox, she invited children to practice calligraphy. The children carefully wrote each line using the example as a guide. After finished writing, Jack and Liam proudly showed them each other. Jeffery also enjoyed writing. He completed one with Shoko’s assistance, then said, “I can do it myself” and completed another. Well done Jeffrey!


With Arturo, we continually focused on practising finger coordination. We collaboratively decorated a Red Ox Dragon for Chinese New Year. Children were encouraged to tear the red paper into small pieces and stick them on, making sure there are no gaps. In the yard, we created an obstacle course together to foster gross motor skills as well as social skill and team bonding.


Time, Sony and Alejandra also set up activities relates to Chinese New Year at #59. Children were invited to make ox colourful by using watercolour painting. After that, they cut up the cows to practise fine motor skills.



In the afternoon, we had a second trial for ‘Fit and Funky Kids’ program. Ms Sarah visited us, and children had a great time dancing and parachuting. Ms Sarah gave each child a leaflet about their wonderful program. If you can’t find it, it’s on the locker. So feel free to take one!

What a fun day! See you tomorrow.



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