Today we celebrated 2021 Chinese New Year, by participating in a variety of self selected and teacher directed experiences.

Tima and Sony invited their group to use their creativity to create and decorate Chinese Ox’s as it is the Year of the Ox. They used colourful connectors, water colour paint and crayons. They also read a book about Chinese culture relating to celebrations. Children also were surprised with a visit from another group of Crimson children as they danced and represented a Chinese dragon.


Gail and Amol started their day with Amol reading “Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao”, a book that looked in to how to make a perfect Bao. They extended this interest by exploring Chinese table settings and cuisine.

They also celebrated Chinese New Year by painting their own “good luck” symbols on red envelopes.


Arturo’s group worked on making and decorating a large Chinese dragon. They also took the initiative to visit the rest of the centre, as we talked about what a Dragon represents in Chinese culture. As children engaged in this group project, they responded to the challenge of lining up under the dragon’s tail and to follow their leader, sharing their accomplishments with the other groups.

Photos for today are on the link below:

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