Happy Monday! Welcome back to another fabulous week in the Emerald room where the children will have the opportunity to join in with many fantastic and educational activities 😊

Today the children sat down for group time, our daily activity that the children look forward to! Together we talk about things like the weather and the weekend! We like to sing songs together and read books. Today the children talked about teeth and used a toothbrush to clean a little set of toy teeth!

During yoga, the children practiced their animal poses and exercised their gross motor skills, balance and coordination – well done everyone!

The children had so much fun exploring natural resources like leaves and flowers from the garden! We used sticky tape to decorate the room with green leaves and pretty flowers 😊 what a fun way to learn more about the world around them!

We used our fine motor skills to paint a cute baby elephant!

What a lovely day we have had playing with the farm animals and in the sandpit! 😊

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