Magandang hapon sa lahat (Good afternoon everyone)!

Our Crimson children had a blast today participating in different experiences.

Gail’s group had extended their interest and activity from last week about Chinese celebration of new year. They read a book about making a “Bao” and have carried on through making their own using playdough. Gail encouraged open discussion with children about how families celebrating important occasions in their culture.

Meanwhile, Arturo’s group extended the celebration of “Love” by talking about “family”. Children then were encouraged to make a representation of their own and were very proud and excited to talk about family members. They have also done similar numeracy activities from yesterday and also engaged with some obstacle course exercises outdoor.

Shoko and her group had a lovely time indoor engaging with some doll house exploration and pretend play. Children had set up the table for the fairies and others enjoyed doing role play using the little toys together with their friends.

Sony and Tima’s group also had a great time extending the topic about “love” where they made craft using coloured papers for their loved ones. They also enjoyed physical exercises led by Sony and some indoor dramatic play.


Have a lovely afternoon!

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