Happy Monday everyone! On this cloudy day, the Aqua explorers started their day off with visiting the chicken. The group took interest in the noisy chicken and the activities in the Crimson yard. Back in Aqua, the explorers were busy practicing their cognitive skills with Legos and Mr Potato head. The children discussed the different facial expressions on Mr Potato head as well as the body parts. The explorers had so much fun making Mr Potato head.

During literacy group time, the little explorers were divided into three groups. At Nita’s group, the children sang variety of songs using different props such as ‘twinkle twinkle’ and ‘Incy wincy spider.’ With Kay, the children had an interactive group time whereby they sat in a circle and practice certain moves according to the song. With Bambi the children listened to various stories and song on Ipad. Bambi also encouraged children to stretched and move around on the mat before story time. Experience such as this provided opportunities for children to extend on their cognitive and language skills.

During learning centre time today, the explorers were busy:

  • Building, excavating, exploring with pipes at the sandpit.
  • They assisted Nita in making green play dough as well as exploring the play dough with tools.
  • They made collage ice cream with Carolina with different colour paper.
  • The children requested ‘Let it go’ with Helena, so they danced with scarves and played with different musical instruments.

The Aqua explorers had such a busy day today.


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