Today started of as a rainy one, the children where playing outside when it started and they laughed as they felt the rain on their heads.

In the kitchen area, Remi, Isla, India and donna had lots of fun. Remi made Donna a baby chino. While Isla washed the dishes. We had some sleep time and some if the children even patted Donna to sleep.

After we took some selfies with each other, which Remi thought was so funny. What a fun morning we had together.

A small group helped Helena make some coloured Rica. They Used spoons and mixed the rice with food colouring.

Jake explored many areas within the room and then took a visit to Crimson.

Group time was full of songs and stories with our teachers. We are starting to call all our peers names now and know each other’s faces.

Playdough is always a hit at Aqua, the children manipulated many toy’s in the dough and made birthday cakes for us all.

At learning centre time with Bambi, the children did some finger prints on love hearts for Valentines day.

With Liza the children started to look at emotions, we spoke about how we fell and when we are sad or happy how it feels inside our bodies.

With Nita the children did some lovely painting using fine motor skills to control their paint brush.

With Helena the children explored the rice. They spoke about the pictures which represented Chinese New Year. The children love to explore sensory experiences. They used spoons, cups and their hands to explore it.

In the sandpit there was a team helping Liza build with the tubes, they poured the sand inside and laughed as it came out the top.

What a fun filled day at Aqua. Have a nice Tuesday evening everyone.

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