Happy Wednesday! It’s the middle of the week and the children have had another lovely day 😊

The children enjoyed different group times with their educators! We read ‘Cows in the Kitchen’ with Ekta and practiced our sharing with Robyn’s Koala! Keith received lots of cuddles today!!

A fabulous yoga session that ran long today because the children asked for “more”! Together we worked on our gross motor movements that encourage physical development, balance and coordination! The children are improving every day!

Slime time! We love to get messy in the Emerald room and today the children explored cornflour and water with their hands. This is such a fun and easy activity to recreate at home! The cornflour is both and solid and a liquid and the children have so much fun investigating! This type of sensory play helps to build nerve connections in the brain and supports language development!

We had a lot of fun painting clouds today and talking about the rainy weather…

What a wonderful Wednesday the children have had exploring sensory bottles, the sand pit and musical instruments! 😊

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