What a fun day today at Aqua. Outside this morning was a bit rainy but as soon as the rain stopped the children went with Donna to the end of the garden. We dried all the seats and made a bus. We took our seat, put on our seat belt, and gave the driver our ticket and off we went to Annabel’s holiday home first and the beach. We then visited the zoo and saw many animals. Our favourite was the baby giraffe and mommy giraffe.

Inside a small group explored the car’s with Julio, they used the blocks to make houses and drove to the shops. Some children joined Nita for story time at the reading corner.

As always, the home corner was a hit, Amelia asked Trish to help her dress her baby doll and then she put her to bed and patted her.

India, Molly and Claire joined Helena to go see the chickens. India loves to watch them walking around the coop. they checked for eggs but could not see any inside.

Liza made an amazing castle like Elsa’s the children said. They climbed inside and enjoyed playing here.

Outside Nicholas and Thomas built sandcastles in the sandpit area. they used the shovel to fill the bucket to the top.

In group time today the children joined Helena to sing songs with the puppets. They really enjoyed using the animal’s puppets to sing old Mc Donald had a farm. They made the noises of each animal.

Learning Centre time was full of fun activities.

With Nita the children made some beautiful prints on the paper with paint.

With Donna the children enjoyed planting experiences again. We read a story called ‘Ben’s Beans’ and saw how he planted seeds just like we did. Then the children set to work planting with soil and the seeds and gave their little pots some water. We are super excited to watch them germinate. That was a big word we learned today.

Julio did some yoga with a group and the children really enjoyed relaxing and trying the poses.

With Bambi the children showed interest in sea creatures, so they joined her to make some fish.

Liza and her group spoke about different feelings then made some pictures about how they were feeling.

Helena’s group enjoyed sensory play, they used lentils that were coloured and scooped them with spoons to fill the cups. They are getting very good at manipulating the tools to work for them.

What a fun filled day we had and we hope our Aqua families have a wonderful evening.




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