It’s Thursday. We couldn’t go to the yard to play as it was raining, however, children had another fun day at BBC.


We gathered together on the mat before learning centre time and discussed the importance of respecting nature, resources and of course other people. We made sure that we do not pick leaves or flowers from plants, we pack away all resources including toys when we had finished playing and we use nice words for our friends.


After discussion, we suddenly heard the sound of a whistle. It was the call for a fire drill. We calmly walked down to the yard and sat under the shade sails where it was not wet. We were lucky it wasn’t raining during this drill. When Gail called each children’s name, they were able to say “Here I am!”.


When the drill completed, we started our learning centre time in the group. Gail’s group practised their fine motor skill by manipulating playdough, cooking Chinese food and making a collage.

Arturo’s group extended the playdough making experience which they did yesterday. They remembered all the ingredients, and each step to make it. They also worked on numeracy by matching numbers and values. Then they worked together to make the road for big trucks.

Shoko’s group was busy preparing for a Chinese noodle shop. As we agreed to make a menu in yesterday’s discussion, we continued drawing a picture of noodle. We can’t wait to put them on the wall!!!!

In #59, we continued working on making Valentine’s craft. Today, children used their hands to make white paper colourful. It was a bit ticklish getting the paint on palms with the brush, children were giggling and laughing.

Later, we explored fossil. We soaked it in water and children tried to break it. At first, it was hard, but gradually it became softer and softer, and when a fish came out of it, everyone shouted with joy.


Luca and Joshan! Oh, wait, you two wear the same T-shirts???? Very COOL!!!

Oh, what a fun Thursday. See you tomorrow!


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