On a wet and a rainy day, we started our routine reading favourite stories and singing songs!

Following our theme of ‘Winter’ and our interest in sensory activities, we planned activities that involved various sensory enhancing materials. Some children were busy combining play dough with feathers while others were busy problem solving. They really enjoyed their time finding hidden toys in the shaving foam. It was fun getting messy!

We continued to talk about ‘Winter’ animals with children and they loved painting the squirrels. Please stop by and admire their arty skills!
The children liked the rearrangement in the home corner and that can be seen in their pretend play!

The older Emerald children also practiced their fine motor skills by engaging in drawing activities using various media.
The children used different types of drums while singing Bonkers Beat songs.

During the self-select activity time, the children were engaged in their own learning and development and played with manipulative toys as well as explored their environment.
We welcomed baby Della today, who was happy and settled in well.