Today we had a lovely day in the Aqua room! We started our day welcoming our new friend Zachary, followed by our “Good morning” song and “Days of the Week”; during group time the children get very excited about the letter of the week and about all the items their friends bring in to share. Today we had Zoe and Mia Lee that brought a “Hat”, Amariah and Eva Lee brought a “Handbag” and Veronique brought “Honey”.
For our learning centre experiences, children have continued learning about the Ocean Environment with Gail. Today they were invited to paint a Fish using the sponge rollers to facilitate their fine motor development. Some other children were exploring winter by making “Pinguinus” with Alejandra. While Donna had a group time where the children have started to learn about bees. We posed the question, “Where does the honey comes from?” and talked about how bees live in hives and make honey. We then followed this up by painting our own yellow “Hive”!
During some free play the children enjoyed playing outdoors practicing their balance, playing with Lego and digging in the sandpit. Indoors, the children really enjoyed building a big tower, and Oliver had fun with his friend Zachary playing in home corner.