We started the day with self-select play, and children used their creative and spontaneous minds to engage in many types of play. These included creating at the playdough table, exploring the light board, threading with beads and role play in home corner.

We continued with our morning routine of having our daily Yoga session. We did a selection of animals poses and followed this with Bonkers animals.

With Arturo today we played matching card games, as an introduction to create our own pirate themed cards. The children challenged themselves and used a variety of skills to create their drawings and attempt to create a matching card.

With Rosanna, we extended on yesterday’s theme of tracing or copying wavey lines. We encouraged the children to create their own lines to decorate, cut and paste to extend their fine motor skills.

With Isadora the children have been focusing on sea life. They observed a drawing about sea animals, and then had the opportunity to copy or create a drawing of their favourite sea animal. They also matched the words related to the picture.