During Learning Centre this morning, we read the Aboriginal story “The Kangaroo and the Porpoise.” We asked questions about this story and talked about our favourite parts. Afterwards, we enjoyed doing some drawings of characters and different scenes from the book.

We were excited to get our muscles moving with Arturo this morning. We did some great stretching and worked hard to keep our balance on the obstacle course!

Arturo also brought over a visitor from the Aqua room! We had a chance to get up close and personal with a frog. We had a lot of questions and enjoyed seeing our wet friend be released back in to nature in the afternoon.

We had a guided meditation today with Amanda and Juliana. We imagined being in a beautiful library and finding a magical book that we could jump in to any type of scene we wanted. Some of us jumped in the jungle, others into holidays, and some went to dinosaur land, amongst many others! It was wonderful to have such calm bodies and work on our imaginations!

We have been hard at work making craft today. With Juliana, we were making pirate ships. We used plastic plates, paint and paper to make them. We are all so creative in how we portray each of our creations. With Isadora, we made paper dolls and clothing for them.