The children in Aqua have had a busy Thursday. We started our morning with group time, welcoming each other and singing songs. The letter of week is ‘H’ and this morning Lachlan C shared he had a horse and Ivana a hairbrush, while Freddy brought a Hippopotamus.
During group times we have been discussing our environment and caring for it, keeping our air clean by planting more trees and burning less fuel. We have also discussed looking after our oceans and sea animals by using less plastic. We added a new friend to our room, a little fish. We are collecting ideas for a name from the children and will pick one soon.
We invited the children to use the water trays and clean the ocean so the animals can breathe. Finn was excited when he got a big piece of plastic and said, ‘I’m saving the fish’. We have also created a sea collage where children counted the amount of fish in their ocean.
The children enjoyed yoga with Alejandra today, relaxing and stretching their muscles while breathing deeply.
Children are encouraged to select and make choices for themselves, of which experiences to engage in. Zachary and Grace chose to work in the office looking after the phones. Finn K and Eleanor decided to cook in the sandpit, where they were busy making cakes. Thea, Mia and Finn O used their imaginations with the dolls and house while playing Frozen. Finn K, Thomas, Rueben and Lachlan B all decided to test their physical skills on the tree.