We continued to work on our boats with the paper plates. We were using all the pirate language as we were making them such as “Ahoy Matey”, “You’re my best buccaneer”, and “Land Ho.” We showed our concentration skills as we continue to complete multiple step projects.

We were very excited about making a parking lot today for our cars. We worked together as a team to build multiple levels. It was great to hear all the compromising going on as we listened to one another’s ideas and found a way to accommodate each other’s suggestions.

We learned about blue prints with Arturo today. We used a ruler to make lines on our picture in order to make sure everything was in the proper section. Arturo talked about how everything has a proper place.

We continued working on gross motor skills today with Arturo. We tried more challenging moves than yesterday and showing our ability to build on one skill set to the next.

Lastly, we enjoyed using the light table in order to look at the different life cycles of both the butterfly and frogs. The light table helps to illuminate the details of each specimen as we look at them.