We started our day with some children going to Crimson room for transition! They explored and played in the indoor area; home corner was the favourite activity for Amariah and Mia, Thomas enjoyed playing in the block area, whilst Camille enjoyed the Sea animals set up playing alongside the other crimson children. Everyone did an amazing job and seemed very happy and settled.

During our day in the Aqua room children made play dough today with Tima, some of them sad they were making “Fossils” and others were making “Cakes”. We also had some children that enjoyed doing easel painting. Continuing with the letter of the week Ii, today Ivana brought a ‘Iron’, and Zoe a book call ‘I Love Daddy’. Thank you for sharing!

We also welcomed our new friend Dhwani today. She enjoyed her first day playing with Sanjanaa in the sandpit! Dhwani had an excellent very first day in Aqua and was very settled.