We started our morning with a group time where children sang good morning songs and said “Good Morning” to each other in different languages. We then talked about the Letter of the Week “Hh”. Ivana brought a book called ‘Having Fun’ and said to her friends that her mummy helped her to find the book. We also welcomed our new friend Daniel to the Aqua Group. He enjoyed exploring new toys and playing with cars. Similarly, Euan brought a helicopter and a book called ‘Harold’. Ben, Thomas and Oscar enjoyed dancing with Cheryl.

During our learning centre time, the children engaged in decorating snowflakes of different shapes with different colours and glitter. This activity enhanced children’s understanding of different shaped snowflakes and colours. The children enjoyed making their own versions of snowflakes. With Tima, children painted snow using white paint and self-made paint brushes. This activity promoted the children’s fine motor skills, as well as responsibility to take care of their special paintbrushes. The children engaged in making a 3D sea by pasting blue scrap paper and some fish shaped paper, promoting their sensory skills and creativity.

During free play, children engaged in self-selected activities; Ivana and Lillian enjoyed having a little cupcake party, whilst, Imri was fully concentrated on building a tall block tower. Rueben, Finn, Oscar and other friends did some searching in the Jurassic world and pretended to find dinosaur fossils. Free play encourages children to explore and find new interests as well as continue to extend their current interests and skills. This also enhances children’s spatial awareness as they engage in the physical environment, and allows us as educators to hear their voices to continue promoting their interests.