During the group time children were very excited and they concentrated very well on the details of the pictures. This was then followed by asking simple questions and the children proudly named the pictures they saw in the book!
With Jasmine, the children enjoyed singing songs. They loved holding the props while everyone sang!
During Yoga, more and more children showed their increased observation skills. They looked at Robyn and followed the yoga poses quite accurately!
To continue learning about fruits and vegetables, today the children painted their very own Pineapple using a spikey ball. It was so much fun watching them as they tapped the ball onto their paper creating a spotty pattern!
During self-select play time, children chose to play with their favourite toys and were effectively engaged.
We also continued with our ‘winter’ theme by making more Polar Bears using cotton wool and paper plates. The children could now name and recognise many winter related objects/animals.
The sensory sand was the most popular of all today! The children spent most of their time rolling their fingers in the white sand along with white conch shells, urchins and weeds. They drew lines, circles, twirls and swirls!