To start the morning off the children sat on the mat with their peers and sang our hello and good morning songs. The children are starting to recognise the numbers and letters as they sing the alphabet song and days of the week every day at group time.
At group time Maksym shared an ice-cream he made with his Mum and Dad at home. It was so creative and we really enjoyed observing it for the letter of the week. Ivana was also very creative and brought an injection that we use for medicine. Thank you for your creative ideas for letter Ii.
The children joined their teachers in small groups for learning centre time. With Alejandra the children have been talking about winter and how cold we get. They spoke about warm clothes and what to wear. They then had the opportunity to make hats and gloves.
With Gail the children continue to use their fine motor and pincer grasp to clean up the ocean from rubbish. They take the plastic out with their fingers. They also had an introduction to NAIDOC week. They read stories and spoke about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their culture.
We had lots of outdoor time also, enjoying the lovely sunny weather. What a fun day in Aqua.