We have continued working on our NAIDOC activities during Learning Centre. First, we looked at several Dream Time stories that we have in the room. We have been looking at Aboriginal symbols during group time. We have showed such an interest in this that we made some of the symbols out of Play Dough. We had conversations about how unique each one is!

We also listened to the story of “The Rainbow Serpent” with Juliana. Afterwards, we extended our interest in this story by making our own rainbow serpents out of paper plates and then decorating them with paint and textas.

Isadora also had a conversation with us about the different parts of the Aboriginal flag. We then found sticks in the yard to paint our own flags with.

Arturo continued with our interest in pirates. We made a wooden pirate ship in the sandpit using blocks. We named the different parts of the ship that we had, extending our conversation about the crows nests. We even had a chance to use a mini “saw” to “cut” branches apart.

We also enjoyed our time doing Bonkers Beat and yoga!