We started our morning in Aqua with Amariah, Eleanor, Mia and Veronique going camping. The girls arranged their campsite with comfy cushions and books. When they were ready Donna helped to add a canopy. The girls use their imaginations and sourced their items from around the room to create their campsite.

Vaishali tested her hand eye coordination as engineered a tower using the pyramid blocks, concentrating very hard to balance them. Some of the other children enjoyed Bonkers Beat/dance and movement with Donna.

We also welcomed our new friend Shona to Aqua today. She enjoyed the outdoor space with Eleanor cooking in the sandpit, Eleanor said they were making sausages and pancakes.
Outdoors saw some of the children using the sensory trays with dinosaurs. Zachary and Oliver counted spoons of rice and measured the container to see whose was biggest. They also used the Aboriginal pattern blocks to put the dinosaurs to bed after they had been fed. Zoe used the magnifying glasses to check the food, as her dinosaur couldn’t have peppermint as it was allergic, and Max was checking what he could see.

The children have been learning about looking after our environment, and today they also used the water trays and tongs (or their hands) to pick out the plastic, representing cleaning up the ocean and allowing the animals to swim free.

Gross motor with Nelson was also popular with many children choosing to engage in physical play. They completed the obstacle course doing controlled movements such as legs together when jumping. Using the obstacle course is a great way for children to burn energy, follow instructions and problem solve.