Today at mat time we sang good morning songs and greeted each other. For “Show ‘n’ Tell” today Eleanor brought an Ice cream scooper, Benjamin brought an Ice cube tray, Ivana brought the book ‘I’m Just a Little Puppy’, Euan two blocks, one with the letter “I” and the other one with an Ice cream Well done, everybody! WOW!!!

Children are free to explore their imagination and express themselves during free play. On a rainy day like today, Grace and Zachary were keen to play the “Sleeping Game”. Meanwhile, other children were busy exploring the rocket ships and the home corner with pretend food or making playdough!

Our Aqua children are very inquisitive and enthusiastic learners, and we provide them the best opportunity to extend their interests. Today, some children traced the first letter of their names with Nicole, others preferred the sensory playdough, some did NAIDOC week artwork with Tima, and some learnt more about bees through books and activities with Donna and Gail.