We have continued working on our NAIDOC activities during Learning Centre.
Juliana read a story related to the Aboriginal people and their life on their land. We also used our creativity and scissor skills to recreate a snake shape from the story. We used our fine motor and manipulative skills to cut a round shape from the paper plates and decorated it with colourful paper.

We continued working on our Pirate theme with Arturo by talking about the old times when the pirates built their ships using wood from trees. So, we did the same and looked for sticks. As there were not many in the garden, we decided to use a mini “saw” to “cut” bamboo branches to build our fearless Pirate ships.

As part of learning about Aboriginal culture, Isadora worked with Yarn Circle. As the children decorated their stick with their preferred colours, it was also used as a tool to share information. Whoever was holding that yarn had a turn to talk to the group and for others to respect and listen to each other. We then pass the yarn to the next person that may have something in common with what was just shared, and at the end, we can see all the ways that we are connected to one another.

We also enjoyed our time doing Bonkers Beat and Yoga, as well as meditation and performing arts with Miss. Cheryl!