It’s been a lovely Wednesday in Emerald!

This week we’ve been looking at Australian animals and today we focused on the echidna! The children used a visual aid, some playdough and sticks from the garden to recreate a little model of an echidna! This was a lovely activity to develop the children’s knowledge and understanding of Australian animals for NAIDOC week, whilst enhancing their fine motor skills.
Continuing with our NAIDOC week craft and learning about the Aboriginal flag, the colours and what they represent, today we painted our hands red, yellow and black! The children loved the tickly feeling of the paintbrush on their hands and really enjoyed seeing their coloured handprint on the paper!

The children have also had a lot of fun participating in group times; like reading Aboriginal stories with Robyn and playing with Jasmine’s big bag of tricks! In our tray outside today we had grass, sand and lots of toy bugs to play with and explore! The children loved to count all of their legs!