We started our morning in the Aqua room with our welcome song. At group time we sang the days of the week song and then spoke about our letter of the week, which is letter ‘’Jj’’. There was lots to share today, Ivana brought a Jeep, Maksym brought Jam, Lachlan brought Jessie and a Joey. Maddison brought a book to share ‘Jen the Hen’ and we read the story on the mat.
At group time with Nelson the children made dinosaurs with different shapes. Zoe found a circle for the head and a square for the body. Tima and her group made some lovely drawings for NAIDOC week. They looked at the different colours.
In the music corner the children had lots of fun expressing themselves by moving their bodies to the beat. Teos and Oliver had lots of fun playing the instruments for us.
We also welcomed our new friends transitioning. The children had lots of fun exploring the different areas. They moulded playdough with their hands and with different tools. Kneading the dough helps develop children’s fine motor skills.
It was a super fun Monday we had lots of indoor and outdoor play. We made puzzles, and built the train track. While outside, we played in the sand manipulating the tools to make castles and cakes.
What a fun day we had!