Happy Tuesday to the Aqua group! What a lovely sunny day today!
The children played independently and explored both indoors and outdoors when they arrived today. Oscar used his problem-solving skills to complete the puzzle at the table, whilst Oliver used his to make the train tracks. Outside Zoe, Rueben and Camille used their fine motor skills to thread the beads.
We then went to the mat to start the day with our good morning song, days of the week and the letter of the week. The childen shared lots of objects beginning with letter ‘’Jj’’. Ivana brought a Juicer.
When we went into our small group times we read some books for NAIDOC week. Gail read a lovely story called ‘Warnayarra-the Rainbow Snake’. Ivana made a lovely snake with her and told Gail it was ‘’Orange, Purple, Yellow’’. She also told Gail the snake ‘’slides in the water’’. Nicole made Aboriginal dot paintings with the children using their fine motor skills to make dots on the paper.
Outside we used our gross motor skills with Nelson. The children ran, jumped and then kicked the ball on the obstacle course.
What a fun day we had today!