We have been full of Aboriginal themed activities today! We listened to several dream time stories with Isadora and then were given the opportunity to look at different ways the characters have been portrayed in art. Next, Isadora offered us the opportunity to create our own art works based on the animals we saw.

Juliana read us the ‘How the Echidna Got Its Spikes’. We extended our interest in this story by making our own echidnas out of Playdough and added spikes. This was a great way to make the story come alive! We also continued with our dot painting with Amanda. We show how unique we each are with our own handprints and by completing the designs of multi coloured dots.

We were very active with our bodies today as well! We warmed up in the morning doing Yoga. We had a spontaneous game of Monkeys in the Tree. We were using our upper body strength as we moved our way through the branches and made monkey sounds. During Meditation, we took turns sitting in the chair and talking about different things we are thankful for. We then did a move with our bodies for the group to replicate.