Today, we had a group time with Amanda focusing on important terms to the Aboriginal culture. We talked about different hunting tools, animals, bush tucker, and musical instruments. Each child in the Pears group had the chance to come up and talk about their favourite term that they learnt about today. We also continued on with drawing characters from Dream Time Stories with Isadora.

Making echidnas with Juliana was such a hit yesterday, we asked to make them again! We talked about the different quantities of measurements as we added them together. Then we moulded our echidnas together and collected sticks from around the yard to act as their spikes.

We also made a race track with the wooden blocks on the deck, climbed on the trees, balanced on the wobbly bridge, created a raft surrounded by sea animals, and built large space ships with the waffle blocks. We show how creative we can be as we play collaboratively or engage in individual play.

Lastly, we spontaneously made a campfire today. We collected bark from around the yard as well as sticks to make it. Then, we invited our friends around and roasted some marshmallows!