We started our rainy day having a group time all together! Children engaged in singing morning songs and songs such as “Rain Rain Go Away” with Amitofo and explored toys in the mystery box. The group time encouraged children to develop their confidence and sense of belonging as all the children sing and sit together.

During our learning centre, as an extension to NAIDOC week, the children participated in a play dough experience. They manipulated play dough in to an echidna and inserted wooden twigs in to represent the spikes of the echidna. Similarly, other children engaged in painting Kangaroos with their fingertips using red, yellow and white. This activity promoted children’s sensory skills, fine motor skills, and they will learned more about Australian animals as well.

During our free play time, Isla enjoyed rocking on the caterpillar whilst Kennedy loved building towers with blocks. Charlie, Henry S. and Isla enjoyed throwing the balloons high up and catching them. This provides children with the opportunity to experience cause and effect. Some children had fun in inserting straws in to the box enhancing children’s social development, turn taking skills and fine motor skills.