Today, the Emerald children started their day by exploring the nursery. They loved playing in the home corner, reading books and playing on the rocking horse.
Outside we had lots of fun. We climbed on the jungle gym, sang “Build it up, higher, higher” while we played with the blocks, and practised our drawing skills.
Group times are part of our curriculum where children can hear familiar nursery rhymes and stories. We continued with NAIDOC week experiences by painting the cardboard rolls and making snakes from it. We also made koalas on contact paper.
We love play dough. We can roll, poke and squeeze and make different shapes from it. It is excellent for our fine motor skills.
Today we welcomed a new baby in Nursery, William. He was happy exploring his new environment and is settling very well.
Today, during our transition we had the chance to spend more time with our new teachers and explore our new environment. Everyone is having a great time.