We were excited to use the ladder in the obstacle course today! We showed how fast we could run through it! We took turns running as a group as well as running individually. We also enjoyed playing Frozen Statues and making crafts with Isadora.

During Bonkers, we used the Lollipop Drum and different body parts to match the beat. We showed excellent patience as we waited our turn and got to choose other body parts such as our cheeks, nose, or eyes to play along during the song.

We have also loved building different homes for the animals. First, we just used the small wooden blocks to make a small area to run around. Later in the day, we combined the small blocks with the waffle blocks to make a castle for the animals.

We also played “Guess What Aboriginal Card” with Amanda. We were given clues as to what the card was and we had to use our previous knowledge from the last few weeks to guess what it was.