We started our morning in the Aqua room with our welcome song. At group time we sang the days of the week song and then spoke about our letter of the week, which is letter ‘’Jj’’. Euan brought a Jacket and Ben brought a Jet. Well done!!

During gross motor time with Nelson the children practiced jumps with both feet and kicked balls into a goal. This also extended their hand foot coordination. Tima and her group made some lovely drawings for NAIDOC week. They looked at the different colours.

After 3 days of rain, the children were finally able to play in the sandpit. They had lots of fun with the cars and other sand toys. Oscar made his own soccer training area, whilst Teos and Euan are building a lovely friendship as they play together.

We also welcomed our new friends transitioning. The children had lots of fun exploring the different areas. They also participated in the group activities with educators and shared moments with their new friends such as Finn O., Charlotte and Jeffery at the rice table.

Donna assisted children with pegs which is also a good fine-motor-skill activity. While outside, we played in the cubby house and sand manipulating the tools to make castles and cakes.

It was a super fun Thursday with the sun shining and children having lots of indoor and outdoor play. What a wonderful day we had.

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