To start our Monday, we all joined together on the mat to welcome our new friends that have transitioned from Emerald. We started with a song we like to sing called ‘’Good Morning’’. We sing this song in many different languages. The children can now say good morning in many languages. The letter of the week is ‘’Kk’’ and Ivana brought a kola to share with us, while Harvey brought a Kola jeep to share with us.

During gross motor time with Nelson outside, the children practiced jumping in to the Hula hoops.

This week will be a week for our new friends to explore both inside and outside and to get use to their new routine in Aqua. The children enjoyed group time on the mat, sitting well they listen to a story and sang the ABC song.

After group time the children had some time building blocks, creating tall towers using their fine motor skills to place one on top off the other. With Louiese the children read a story and then did some colouring, learning how to hold our pencils with the proper grasp. Outside the children had a group time with Tima. They read stories and sang songs including ‘’Incy Wincy Spider’’, while Isabelle placed a spider on the board. The children really enjoyed this group time.

Inside we explored dough with seashells. The children squeezed and rolled the dough manipulating it anyway they wanted. They made snakes while rolling the dough.

What a fun day we had in Aqua!

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