Today we started the morning off with lots of exploring both indoors and outdoors. The children are very independent and choose activities they enjoy.  Eleanor, Zachary and Oliver made cup cakes in the sand. Zachary really enjoyed putting the sand in the turning wheel and watching it fall through. Oscar and Lachlan had fun exploring farm animals today. They especially loved the ‘’spotted cow’’, Oscar said. Teos enjoyed the boat Lego while Imri had fun with the princesses. Maksym had lots of fun being the train driver.

Today was a special day in Aqua as we had an Incursion called ‘’Backyard Bugs’’. There were so many different bugs. Big and small ones, and different colours also. We saw a Golden orb spider, Red Back spider, which Sean the guide said we must never touch. We saw a Huntsman and many different spiders from the Australian bush. There were so many bugs! We saw a cockroach, stick insect, a centipede and a millipede. What a fun and exciting day we had. We learnt so many new words and we saw so may insects.

The children shared so many objects with letter ‘’K’’ today. Lachlan brought a Key, Ivana brought a Kangaroo, Maksym brought a Koala and Eleanor brought a Kookaburra. So many native Australian animals.

What a fun and exciting day!


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