We had a very exciting day in Crimson! We had a scientist named Justin come in today and do a science experiment with dry ice. We got to learn about the different forms of water and how dry ice mixed with water causes it to release a smoke, gas like substance. We added in some dish soap to the mix and the smoke turned into a bubbly explosion! We were very careful and excited to touch the soap.

We also had a very hands on Incursion this morning! We learnt all about different types of bugs that are both safe and unsafe to humans. Some of us had the chance to hold stick insects, millipedes, and touch a giant cockroach. We also did a bit of a role play of being a queen ant, soldier ants, and worker ants. We also got to pretend to be a spider.

We liked doing some building today too. Ryian shared all about his trip to Perth, and we did some drawing!

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