Today the Aqua children have engaged in both the indoor and outdoor environments. The new children are exploring their environment and gaining confidence within their new space. The older children are also enjoying their role, helping the younger children with routine times, such as where we sit to eat lunch, washing hands or when its group times.

Sand Play

Today the sandpit was popular, with Max and Euan making dinosaur food, Oliver a pie for Zachary. Some of the other children used the spades to dig holes or cover the dinosaurs and leaves, or enjoyed cooking at the table. During sand play children are communicating with peers and working cooperatively. They use their imaginations to create and feel a sense of accomplishment in their creations, developing self-confidence.


During meditation today we practiced our breathing, stretching our arms and legs and making circles. We also closed our eyes and imagined we were swimming with the dolphins and whales, while listening to the whale music. We saw lots of jelly fish, sting rays and starfish.

Water Painting

Today we invited the children to express themselves using water colours. They experimented with colours, mixing and creating their own. They were also able to develop their fine motor skills, muscle strength, coordination and imagination.

Sensory Play

Children use all their senses to explore their environment and today they engaged in both the rice sensory tray, filling containers with spoons of rice, and the construction sand tray, picking and digging up coins while feeling the sand through their fingers. Engaging in the sensory trays allows children to concentrate for extended periods while being creative and interacting in small groups.

Gross motor

During gross motor with Nelson today, the children listened to instructions from about how to complete the course and what actions were required. They used their elbow to knee on the pads, alternating left to right.


Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning – Fred Rogers.

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