Beginning our day with our favourite stories and songs is the best way to start the day! The children sat with their educator’s and enjoyed the musical group time.

The children also practiced their drumming skills by following the beat. They stopped drumming as they heard their teachers saying, ‘Stop!”. This activity is a part of our Bonkers Beat music program and we enjoy doing the theme-based songs every day.

We continued to celebrate NAIDOC week by making more crafts. Today the children enjoyed looking at the pictures of an Emu followed by painting their own!

Chalk drawing was provided to help them enhance their fine motor skills and the children enjoyed making patterns on the boards.

Our outdoor areas were very busy today with the children rolling balls, throwing balls and giggling at each other happily. This shows that they feel safe and a sense of belonging in their environment!

The sand pit was also one of their favourite play areas today, as they manipulated the sand tools and rolled in the sand.

Today, we welcomed Evan to the Emerald family. He enjoyed his day to the fullest, particularly loving the blocks.

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