We started our morning in the Aqua room with our welcome song. At group time we sang the days of the week song and then spoke about our letter of the week, which is letter ‘’Kk’’. Benjamin brought Kumquats (fruit) and Frederick brought two Kiwi birds. Well done!!

During gross motor time with Nelson the children practiced touching the pancakes with different body parts before kicking the ball into a goal. This extended their body coordination.

Gail and her group made some lovely drawings about the moon. They looked at the different planets and learned a little about Space, because we are celebrating 50 years since man’s first landing on the moon.

On a beautiful sunny day, the children had lots of fun outside with the cars, sand toys, balls, climbing in the trees and “worked” in the office.

Donna assisted children with marble colouring and colour patterns which is a great fine-motor-skill activity.

It was an amazing Thursday with the sun shining and children having lots of indoor and outdoor play. What a memorable day we had.

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