We were excited to look at some Aboriginal symbols today with Bernice. We talked about what each symbol meant. We then painted some of the symbols on the easel and talked about which ones we liked.

With Amanda, we listened to the Dreamtime story “How the Kangaroo Got Its Pouch.” In the story, there is a hunter who is using a boomerang. We continued to show an interest in making our own boomerangs.

Juliana challenged our gross motor skills by making an obstacle course that we did as a relay team. We had to each complete our part before the other members of our team could move on.

Amanda brought in a special book for meditation today called Breathe Like Bear. We did two different meditation exercises called “Snake Breath” where we took deep breathes in through our mouth using the shape of an “O” on our mouths and then hissed them out. The other one was called “Rain Storm” where we used our imaginations and our hands to make rainstorm sounds.

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